Choosing a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Choosing a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Why do you choose to become a vegetarian?

Is it for health reasons, or during these trying times when the global economy is in deep trouble, you need to save money on the food you eat. Or do you think it creates a special environment of well-being, or is it for spiritual reasons?

By becoming a vegetarian, you will experience the infinite feeling of nourishment, psychologically and physically.

In order to achieve the ultimate feeling of existence in this old world, pure light needs to be attracted. How you might do this, is not only planning meals and strategic diet plans, but by creating aromas with the food you eat, many colors, no preservatives, is required to attract this light, your choices, in the end, will result in very significant feelings of well-being.

By naturally growing your vegetables, or fruits you love, and all the different types of grains, sunlight is absorbed in all these. Each containing their own type of light. Deliberate decisions about the foods you eat, will help develop the inner feelings of your heart. All of these reasons for eating vegetarian, makes sense to eat all the vegetables, fruits, grains, that the sunlight nourishes, promotes feelings of inner peace and nourishment.

How many times have you heard people say, “your body is your temple”? By choosing to eat nourishing foods, fruits, and vegetables, not only are you feeding your body, but your soul, as well. Your personality, and your appearance, may be transformed by doing these acts of eating nourishing foods, as well as nourishing your soul, and lifting your spirit.

Seasonal and organically created vegetables and fruits, should be your focus when planning your meals. By doing this, and training ourselves, you will be undertaking the transformation of having a vegetarian lifestyle. Devotion to one’s self and developing your inner spirit and well-being can be accomplished by choosing foods that are perfect to live a healthy and long life.

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