Personal Size Vegetarian Freezer Meals ~ Vlog 8/27/16 (VIDEO)

Today I made some personal size vegetarian freezer meals for myself, to use in our little crockpot.

✿A little about the Nizi Fam
We are a family of 6 there is my dad David, my mom Heather, me (Kayla), my two younger brothers Matthew & Jack, and my grandma Judy, we also have two dogs Bliss & Ike. We live in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois, I’m a couponer, YouTuber, vlogger, and editor, blogger (, vegetarian, foodie, and soon to be college student. My dad is an electrician and an official umpire & referee. My mom is an online boutique owner ( and blogger ( My brother Matthew is a freshman in highschool who plays on both the football and volleyball teams. My youngest brother Jack is in 4th grade in elementary school who also plays football, and both brothers love video games! And my grandma Judy (my mothers mom) just celebrated her 69th birthday, she is retired and had suffered a mild stoke about 3 years ago. Last is our doggies Bliss is a Lab Pit mix who’s about 5. And Ike who is a Jack Russel though we are not sure of his age (since he is a rescue along with Bliss) we believe he is around 10 years old. Hope you enjoy joining us on our crazy life!

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