Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe with Sweet Potato, Spinach & Eggplant – Sweet Potato Saturday 3 (VIDEO)

Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe with Sweet Potato, Spinach & Eggplant

Lasagna the Italian special, thinking about a piece just makes you drool.

Those childhood memories, of freshly made creamy lasagna served directly from the oven. I(erik) remember that my dad always used to say that it was even more tasty the next day. Unfortunately for us and for you lasagna is not the world most healthy or environmentally friendly dish, even if we sometimes wish it was. That’s why we experimented with our own vegetarian lasagna. We love sweet potato and we love eggplant –

What if you could combine these two into a creamy lasagna?

The combination along with spinach and mozzarella is just heavenly!
Try out our sweet potato vegetarian lasagna with eggplant today, let us know if you liked it by commenting!😀

You find the entire recipe here on our site:

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