Shiitake Mushroom Lettuce Wraps with Basil Chiffonade (VIDEO)

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Roll Them Up, Wolf Them Down!

Whenever I throw a dinner party, it’s always a multi-course affair. So starting the meal with a light appetizer is key – the last thing I want is for my guests to fill up before they get to the main course.

These savory lettuce rolls fit the bill perfectly. They’re practically weightless, delightfully crunchy, and certainly won’t spoil anyone’s appetite. But they’re also chock-full of flavor – the spicy shiitake mushrooms deliver quite a punch!

Moreover, the lettuce wraps are great fun to eat. Because they’re presented open-faced, your guests get to see the lovely ingredients they’re about to enjoy, cupped in their individual lettuce “boats.” For this effect, though, you’ll need to use the right green. Boston lettuce is, in my opinion, the best lettuce for lettuce wraps. The leaves naturally form the shape you see in the photos here, making presentation a breeze.

Finally, the lettuce “boats” are individually hand-rolled by each guest, just before they’re devoured – the perfect finger food!

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