Vegan oil free creamy mushroom pasta is a must try if you’re eating an oil free diet or just looking to reduce calorie intake. it’s so delicious and indulgent. An instant favourite.

This video will show you how to make an easy vegan mushroom creamy pasta without oil. The recipe is based on whole foods and is delicious, healthy, and low in calories. To start with cooking without oil, you need to heat the pan super hot, and the main way of adding flavor to vegetables is to get them to brown. For this recipe, you need two small red onions and two cloves of garlic, which you fry without oil. Don’t be afraid to leave them not stir and actually let them start to stick to the pan because that bit of char is going to add extra flavor.

If you’re interested in oil-free cooking, it’s good to know that a vegan diet that’s low in fat or no fat, like no added oils, can lower your cholesterol. Research has shown that more than 15,000 people who participated in a happy heart course for eight years had an average drop of cholesterol of 20. This recipe is a perfect example of how you can cook without oil and still get your onions and garlic to brown and smell fantastic.

For the creamy mushroom pasta dish, you need to tear 250 grams of mushrooms, or you can use a knife if you prefer. It’s essential to be mindful of the mushrooms as they start to stick, so you add vegetable stock, which deglazes the pan, and pulls the flavor that has started to stick. Use stock instead of water as it imparts more flavor because the mushrooms will start to absorb it.

The recipe includes black liquid sauce, and you can use soy sauce if you want, or tamari, which is what the author uses. The recipe uses three tablespoons of tamari, which adds a savory and salty flavor. Use any pasta you want, but it’s best to use wholemeal pasta as it’s higher in fiber and whole foods. If you’re gluten-free, use bean pasta or rice pasta.

Finally, deglaze the pan, and you’re ready to serve. This recipe is based on whole foods and is healthy, delicious, and low in calories. If you’re interested in oil-free cooking, this is a perfect recipe to try.


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