– [00:28] 🍳 Priyanka from Pinki’s Palate follows a Jain diet, which is based on non-violence and avoids root vegetables and animal by-products. Cooking from scratch allows her to adhere to this diet and be more health-conscious.
– [01:07] 🌽 Even with dietary restrictions, there are numerous options available. Over 400 vegetables can be used in creative recipes, proving that eliminating a few ingredients doesn’t compromise taste.
– [02:16] 🍲 As a student, she emphasizes the importance of quick, on-the-go recipes with simple ingredients that are not intimidating to make.
– [03:41] 🇮🇳 She appreciates Indian food and shares a kitchen hack of using ready-to-use spice mixes for Indian curries, making cooking easier and quicker.
– [04:38] 🍽️ For on-the-go breakfast options, Pinki uses mason jars to create frozen smoothies and oatmeal jars. These jars can be pre-prepared, making breakfasts convenient and healthy.
– [08:00] 🍛 She demonstrates a recipe for tofu scramble, which can be used as a filling for breakfast burritos or enjoyed on its own. The dish is versatile and customizable with various vegetables.
– [14:10] 🍪 She prepares energy bites using nuts, seeds, and dates, offering a healthy and delicious snack option that is easily customizable.
– [21:33] 🥞 She creates a twist on a South Indian dish called “idli” using pancake mix. She emphasizes the importance of using unsweetened pancake mix for a savory taste.
– [23:06] 🥥 Pinki makes a coconut chutney using yogurt and shredded coconut, offering a simple and tasty accompaniment for various dishes.
– [25:09] 🥕 She suggests using the coconut chutney as a dip for veggie sticks or a spread on toast, making it a versatile accompaniment to various dishes.
– [26:23] 🍲 The masala cakes are made savory by adding various vegetables, including purple cabbage, bell pepper, and cilantro. Spiced chutney powder adds a flavorful kick to the dish.
– [27:30] 🌮 She demonstrates flipping and folding the masala cakes, offering two presentation options. The dish can be garnished with cilantro and served with coconut chutney or other Indian sides like dal or sambar.
– [29:32] 🥑 She shows how to create an avocado rose for a beautiful garnish, adding an elegant touch to the presentation of dishes.


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