15 Foods That AREN’T Actually Vegetarian (VIDEO)

In a world of FDA regulation and GMOs, you never know what the hell is inside your food. A disgusting amount of chemicals and additives go into processed foods. The worst part is, many are LEGALLY allowed to go unlabelled.

In the last few years of cutting out animal products from my diet, I’ve slowly learned about foods that I was still eating that actually weren’t vegetarian! I felt so blindsided and grossed out, so hopefully this can help enlighten you to some very unsafe and disgusting ingredients that are being added to common foods (sometimes without our knowledge!). Whether you are vegetarian or not, these are things you reallllllly don’t want to be consuming…trust me.

Here are some shocking foods that seem safe and meat free, but actually contain animal products! It is super important for vegetarians (or anyone that cares about their health) to know what to look for in their foods. These ones snuck up on me for far too long!

-Marshmallows: contain GELATIN aka animal bones and ligaments
-Veggie Soups: usually based in BEEF and CHICKEN broths
-Refried beans: LARD (or animal fat) is often added for flavour
-Cheese: RENNET, the stomach lining of slaughtered calves, is used for processing
-Red candies and foods: E120, also known as CARMINE, carminic acid or natural red #4, is extracted from the ground-up shell of the female cochineal insect. Cochineal can be found in food coloring, jellies, lollypops, strawberry milk flavoring, strawberry flavored yogurts, and many other red colored foods. Cochineal is also used to color lipsticks, clothing and pill coatings.
-Gummy candies: contain GELATIN and RED DYE
-White sugar: often refined and bleached through charred cattle BONES..yum!
-Yogurt: some brands contain GELATIN and FISH OIL
-Natural vanilla flavor: made from beaver butt juice, called CASTOREUM..use it to mark their territory and its FDA approved to be unlisted..
-Orange Juice: some brands add fish oil (OMEGA 3S) and LANOLIN (sheeps wool ) for vitamin d
-Bananas: sprayed with shellfish derivative to preserve called CHITOSAN
-Bagels and breads: L CYSTEINE- dough conditioner made from goose and duck feathers, and sometimes human hair
-Hard coated candies- SHELLAC from bug juice to make outer coating
-Beer and wine: clarified using ISINGLASS, which is a gelatin from fish bladders; Guiness is one brand to look out for!
-Worcestershire Sauce- ANCHOVIES, check all condiments!

*Capitalized names of ingredients to look out for!

Stay educated and aware blissful beings!

Blessings, Prasiddha


My guru on why it is so important to be vegetarian:

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